The Best of B2B Advertising

The art of advertising is a hot topic of discussion in popular culture. In today’s world of growing consumerism and the overstimulation of advertisements, marketers are challenged to get creative and step far beyond the box to stand out. Super Bowl commercials and other consumer campaigns have been analyzed, ranked, and critiqued on a large scale, with entire events like the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity dedicated to this discourse.

However, B2B (business-to-business) campaigns are seldom praised among the likeness of more glamorous, creative ads. As advertisers specializing in the B2B space, representing clients in the trades industry, we have an appreciation for the niche avenue in the competitive advertising space to creatively promote services among other businesses.

Here are 3 standout examples of brands successfully championing B2B advertising:


1. WeWork’s “That’s How Tomorrow Works” Campaign

Our job as advertisers is to speak to the mindset of our target audience. WeWork did this by relating to the uncertainty felt at large by the post-pandemic workforce. The voiceover poses questions likely on viewers’ minds, and in turn answers them through visuals that promote WeWork’s business model. Meeting people where they are, emotionally and physically, creates a shared sense of understanding. WeWork successfully positions itself as a resource of meeting the needs of viewers, answering their doubts and providing practical and personal solutions. 


2. GE’s Employee Content Campaign


Your products and services are not your only vantage point to connect to your audience. The people behind a company are also a selling point, especially in business relationships. Putting a face to the brand is a powerful way to connect with your audience. Especially in the trades industry, adding employee representation into the mix will diversify your brand’s recognition and simultaneously promote your company culture alongside your products and/or services. The importance of humanizing your brand lies in the human nature of people. In order to gain someone’s business, you need to earn their trust. People don’t trust brands or businesses; they trust the human value behind that respective brand. Whatever product or service you may be selling, human connection is paramount in securing a loyal customer.


3. Shopify’s “Let’s Make You a Business” Campaign 

Shopify is an e-commerce platform built to simplify the technology side of online shopping so business owners can focus on their products. The ad reflects this simplicity, guiding the viewer through a conversation using a personal tone and putting the customer ahead of the product or service. Rather than getting into the nitty-gritty of the platform itself, explaining coding or ROI metrics, this campaign connects the organization with the human on the other side.

Whether you’re trying to reach business owners, service providers, potential employees, or consumers, all advertising is human-to-human. Knowing your audience will guide your advertising needs, whether that be a data-driven campaign or a storytelling element. Our job as advertising professionals is to understand not only your brand for its goals and what it offers, but more importantly, your audience’s brand and related needs. 

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