Pay Per Click Campaigns That Will Boost Customer Acquisition

1. Lookalike Campaignslook-a-like campaigns in a graphic

Ever wish you could duplicate your best existing customers? You can! Lookalike campaigns dial in on groups that are identical to your target market and more likely to engage in your ads. This strategy leads to higher conversions.

2. Competitor Campaigns

a graphic of a Popeyes vs Chick fila competitor campaign

By bidding on the branded search terms of your competitors, you are able to pick off your competitors when customers search for their brand.

3. Call-Only Campaigns

Only pay when a potential customer calls you. Did you know calls convert 10x more than digital-based leads?

4. Video Campaigns

With an average cost per view of 2 cents, video campaigns are an effective way to reach target markets when utilizing best practices. Factors to consider are screen size, opening image, sound, and demographics.

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