You Should Joint Post on Social Media in 2023

Want to increase your brand’s reach and engagement in the new year? 

Insert Meta’s collaborative features.

Recent advancements give influencers and brands alike the opportunity to collaborate through joint posts. This accomplishes two things.

  1. Maximizes reach for both parties
  2. Social algorithms “boost” or give these posts preference


Gone are the days of duplicating efforts. Instead, take your next influencer marketing partnership to the next level by leveraging a joint post. It’s as easy as…

  • Uploading your post
  • Clicking “Tag people”
  • Selecting the “Invite collaborator” in the bottom right section  

Once your partnering account accepts the invitation to collaborate, their username will be added to your post and it will be shared on their profile.

The example below showcases our advertising partner Heart of NC Weddings and Bailey’s Fine Jewelry utilizing this development to promote a holiday giveaway. You can accredit the spike in engagement to this newfound social media feature.

Need help ringing in the new year with social collaborations?

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