Creative Branding Trends For 2023

1. Humanize Your Brand

Plain and simple, humans enjoy seeing other faces in ads and social posts. More businesses are using images of people to represent their brands and particularly faces with personalities. After all, faces humanize a brand very well.

2. Geometric Shapes

Experts predict that the use of geometric patterns  is going to grow throughout 2022. Geometrics can help establish consistency across all content, as well as give brands a minimalist feeling.

3. Step Out of The Norm

Simple and consistent color schemes tend to be best practice because consumers learn to associate your brand with its key colors. While that’s true, at the same time it restricts your brand. In 2023, more and more brands will test out unconventional color schemes with plenty of variation and intensity.

4. Create An Experience

Just your logo, website, and packaging won’t cut it anymore—it’s all of that and some. In 2023, people expect to receive not only a well-designed product, they expect you to take them on an interactive journey. Due to the increasing amount of online purchases, the unboxing experience is now more crucial than ever.

5. Express Your Passion

Take a stance on an important issue, ideally the same stance as your target audience. your position hits harder when you make it part of your brand identity. Entire business models can be built around brands that take a stance on a single substantial issue whether it be political, environmental, or economical.

6. Dark Mode

Dark mode has gained popularity this year and it’s not going to fade in 2023. it will impact design for years to come. Apps, social networks, and operating systems have selections available for the dark mode option for their user interface. It’s a modern, sleek and stylish look that accentuates design elements and helps to reduce eye strain.

7. Brand Storytelling

Brand storytelling isn’t anything new. However, now more than ever consumers are looking to purchase from the brands they relate to, who are transparent, approachable, and relevant to what they are looking for, but most importantly who they trust.

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