Pony Island Inn


pony island inn

Scope of Work

Logo Design
Website Design
Branded Merchandise
Social Media
Pay-Per-Click Advertising


Client Overview

The Pony Island Motel opened on Ocracoke Island in 1958. In 2021, Heron Hospitality acquired the 48-room property. Under the new ownership, the property was remodeled and quickly became a premier Ocracoke lodging experience. Not long after the enhancements, Tripadvisor named the Ocracoke staple a Travelers’ Choice award-winner.


Rebranding a beloved 40-year-old property presented a unique challenge. Our transformation was more than just a name change; it represented a comprehensive property remodel, the introduction of cutting-edge technology like Google Fiber, and the incorporation of a fleet of luxury golf carts. The shift in branding was essential to evolve alongside the property itself, shedding the outdated “motel” label to usher the cherished establishment into a new era.

Idea & Concept

Thus, Pony Island Inn was born. This pivot pays homage to the property’s storied past while boldly charting a course for a future of modern distinction. We proposed a strategic rebrand that shifted the focus from promoting the property to selling the destination itself. The Inn became the conduit through which travelers could access the main attraction: Ocracoke Island. This transformation allowed us to align the hospitality brand with the authentic experience and allure of the island.








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