Lending Solutions Consulting, Inc.


Lending solutions consulting, inc.

Scope of Work

Website Design


Client Overview

Lending Solutions Consulting is the industry leader in providing training and consulting services to credit unions across North America. In 1996, Rex Johnson founded the University of Lending, a comprehensive 3-day lending school. Today, the LSCI experts have trained over one million credit union employees, helping credit unions achieve improvements in their loan yields, ROAs, and member service practices.


As Lending Solutions Consulting transitioned from one generation of leadership to the next, they identified the need to redesign their website. 

The existing website, built in 2005 on the Drupal platform, presented LSCI with a labyrinth of editing difficulties and outdated service offerings.

Moreover, a surge of competitors had entered the marketplace. The need arose to not only revitalize their digital presence but to reaffirm their position as the indisputable industry front-runner.

Idea & Concept

To confront these challenges head-on, we opted for the strategic design and development of a new WordPress website.

Our vision revolved around harnessing data-driven insights to firmly cement LSCI as the industry leader.

Delving deep into the content strategy, our aim was to sculpt a narrative that resonated with LSCI’s contemporary identity in 2023, using updated language and imagery.



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