Web Design from the Inside, Out

An organization’s website is their virtual curb appeal. Similar to the physical housing market, real estate on search engine result pages is increasingly competitive, which means it is more important than ever to keep your website both functional and visually appealing. According to a recent study on the psychology of web users, 48% of people […]

What is an Audit?

You may have heard of an accountant performing an audit to inspect an organization’s financial accounts… Now apply that process to marketing. When we do an audit, we also perform an inspection of an organization, brand, or company’s accounts – just not financial. From combing through social media presence to analyzing each webpage by function, […]

5 Misconceptions About Marketing

1. Small businesses shouldn’t waste time (or money) on marketing It comes as no surprise why this may be a misconception amongst small business owners. As a small business owner, you do not have near the generous marketing budget, not to mention the time or resources, of a large corporation. However, this does not mean […]

Pay Per Click Campaigns That Will Boost Customer Acquisition

1. Lookalike Campaigns Ever wish you could duplicate your best existing customers? You can! Lookalike campaigns dial in on groups that are identical to your target market and more likely to engage in your ads. This strategy leads to higher conversions. 2. Competitor Campaigns By bidding on the branded search terms of your competitors, you […]

Creative Branding Trends For 2023

1. Humanize Your Brand Plain and simple, humans enjoy seeing other faces in ads and social posts. More businesses are using images of people to represent their brands and particularly faces with personalities. After all, faces humanize a brand very well. 2. Geometric Shapes Experts predict that the use of geometric patterns  is going to […]

The Importance of Automated Intelligence

Did you know that automated intelligence can fuel hotel bookings for destination marketing organizations? 56,357. This is the number of hotel redirections that New Bern, North Carolina saw in one year of utilizing automated intelligence on their official destination marketing organization website. Think automated intelligence only provides DMO’s with the ability to drive redirections toward […]

The Importance of Winning Industry Awards

Did you know that award-winning businesses can acquire a sales boost of 37 percent?​ This is because companies that win awards… Increase their credibility  Attract stronger talent Have happier employees Gain competitive advantages Factors that brands should consider when thinking about awards include region, costs, application process, application timing, return on investment, merit, and past […]