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In 1746, New Bern was originally put on the map as North Carolina’s first capital. Home to Tryon Palace and the birthplace of Pepsi Cola, New Bern has a long-standing history of providing tourists with a variety of activities. In June of 2020, BluePrint was named Craven County TDA’s Agency of Record.

Our Challenge

New Bern has been known for the coastal town’s history. And while it is important to pay homage to New Bern’s history, it is equally as important to showcase the numerous other things that make North Carolina’s first capital a popular destination.

Our Solution

This prompted BluePrint to launch the Try On campaign. The campaign name is a take-off of New Bern’s, Governor Tryon and Tryon Palace. While the campaign name is relatable to those familiar with New Bern’s history, it is also inclusive of those who may not be familiar with North Carolina’s first capital. The campaign is leveraging media buying, PPC, PPV, social media, automated intelligence, and other innovative tools to increase occupancy tax collections. To date we have…


  • Generated 200 million Try On campaign impressions
  • Secured 2,472,233 VNB website pageviews
  • Won a Southern Living South’s Best Award
  • Became the first DMO in North Carolina to utilize automated intelligence in the form of Ellie
  • $119K in grant dollars secured 
  • $150K of cost savings achieved with print and digital vendor negotiations
  • Worked hand in hand with state agencies throughout the Count On Me NC campaign




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