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How do you take a 30 plus year career in commercial real estate and create a brand that is instantly recognized throughout North Carolina? Just ask the team at BluePrint Business Communications.

A graphic mock up of the BayFront Development website on all devices with their new branding incorporated

Our Challenge

BayFront Development was a development firm that was new on paper. The founders had built storied careers within their respective industries. However; the reality is they were starting from scratch.

Our Solution

The founders instructed the branding team at BluePrint Business Communications to develop a strong company name that featured a coastal vibe. Immediately, BluePrint developed ten potential names. The Raleigh agency then polled an audience of 500 plus and BayFront Development was born.

With a name like BayFront, it was important to incorporate nautical elements into the firm’s branding identity.

BluePrint analyzed strategies BayFront’s competitors were incorporating into their marketing repertoires. The social media team noticed LinkedIn was not being utilized by other major players. Within 6 months, BluePrint increased BayFront’s following by 1290 percent. This following consisted of Director’s of Real Estate, Vice President’s of Real Estate, and Director’s of Capital Projects.

BluePrint created a buzz throughout North Carolina when it won BayFront Development a Triad Business Journal Rising Star Award…. All before the firm had even completed a project.

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